Dark Grains

All the solid and liquid residues from the process and makes them into a high quality, natural feeding stuff for farm animals.

At full capacity the plant can produce 50,000 tonnes per year of Distillers Dark Grains.

Dark grains comprise of a mixture of the solids filtered off after the mashing stage, smaller particles of solids, which are separated from the spent wash after distillation, and a syrup, also produced from the separated spent wash.

The solids filtered off after mashing are dried in the Feeds Plant to produce a product known as Light Grains (Draff).


The spent wash from the stills is centrifuged to separate the solids from the liquid.The separated solids are then dried in rotary disc driers. This product is very rich in protein and is called Dreg The liquid, containing about 3 % solids, is passed through an evaporation process whereby water vapour is driven off and a resulting syrup is produced. This syrup contains about 40 % solids. The evaporation plant is extremely efficient to run as it uses the steam driven off during evaporation to heat the process.

Fp driers

The light grains, dreg and syrup are mixed together and further dried. This mixture is known as Distillers Dark Grains. The dark grains are then compressed and extruded through a machine, which forms the product into small pellets. These pellets make the product easier to store and handle and are easier for the animal to eat- like eating bread instead of flour.