The Process

In 1888, the first full year of production here at North British, the company produced one and a half million proof gallons of spirit. Now, over one hundred years later we can produce that volume in FIVE weeks.

The Facts
  • We can use up to 180,000 tonnes of cereal in one year. The area required to grow that amount of grain is 18,500 hectares or about 37,000 football pitches.
  • The volume of water used each day is enough to give one person a bath every day for FORTY-NINE YEARS.
  • The one and a half billionth litre of whisky was produced on 2 Feb. 1998. The two billionth was produced in 2008 and the  2.5 billionth was produced on 16th December 2015
  • In one week the dark grains plant can produce enough animal feed pellets to feed TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND COWS.
  • The volume of CO2 produced by the fermentation process each week is sufficient to carbonate 455 million cans of beer.
  • Finally: At full production the distillation columns can produce approximately 10 BOTTLES OF WHISKY PER SECOND!

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