For spirit to qualify for the title of Scotch whisky, it must be matured for at least three years in an oak cask, in Scotland. This allows mellowing and development of flavour and colour to take place.

Originally, the distillery warehouses were constructed with an earth floor at ground level and upper timber floors. These warehouses have long gone with the exception of No. 1 Warehouse, which is over 100 years old and still uses the orginal storage methods, and has been retained for long term storage (8 years or more) of whisky.

The company’s main warehousing complex is situated at Muirhall, which is approximately half way between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The first warehouse at Muirhall was built in 1963 and this site now has  capacity for approximately 130 million litres of alcohol using steel racking or pallets for cask storage.

The spirit arrives at Muirhall in a road tanker at a strength of 94.5%. It is pumped into reducing vats, where demineralised water is added to reduce the strength down to 68.6% before it is filled into cask