Our Core Values



  • Employees are well trained
  • Employees follow agreed working practices
  • The company has fit for purpose and well maintained assets
  • A safe working culture is actively promoted through employee involvement
  • Risks are identified at all levels
  • Risks are minimised to an acceptable level
  • Effective monitoring mechanisms are in place e.g. safety walks, incident reporting, SUSA
  • Employees are capable and competent to carry out their jobs
  • Everyone acts safely (for themselves and others)
  • All incident and near misses are seen as learning opportunities


  • All employees understand the company’s key targets and objectives
  • All employees understand how they personally contribute
  • Each employee understands what’s expected of them
  • Employee contribution is recognised
  • Everyone works together effectively
  • Employees are trained and developed
  • Good working relationships are established and maintained (internally and externally)
  • Employees are treated in a caring and compassionate manner
  • Everyone feels involved


  • We get things right first time
  • Everyone understands what they are doing
  • Agreed methods of work are followed
  • High standards are set and maintained
  • Attention to detail is important
  • We are fully compliant with regulations and standards
  • Best practice recruitment and selection procedures are in place for new and relocated employees
  • Good quality training is provided to all employees
  • There is good communication at all levels
  • Procurement procedures ensure quality control over suppliers
  • The company invests in resources (raw materials; people; plant; technology)


  • There is a learning culture throughout the company
  • Employees are well trained and developed
  • Audits are carried out , the results examined and actions taken where appropriate
  • The company is outward looking (bench marking itself against best practice)
  • We seek customer feedback
  • The company is committed to investing to improve its assets
  • The company encourages employee ideas and suggestions
  • The company is open to supplier ideas
  • Partnerships are developed with customers/suppliers
  • Processes are in place so that we continually challenge and question why we do things the way we do
  • There is a willingness (at all levels) to embrace change
  • We seek out challenges


  • The North British is a preferred supplier of our external customers
  • The concept of “internal customers” is embedded throughout the company
  • All of our customer needs are met
  • We deliver high quality products and services on time
  • We adapt to changing customer needs
  • We deliver value for money
  • We have good working relationships with our customers
  • There is good communication between internal and external customers
  • Measuring, monitoring and controlling mechanisms are in place to maintain customer satisfaction
  • We deal effectively with customer complaints